Friday, July 30, 2010


We spent the day in town after my little man's wound care appointment. I am very happy to let everyone know that they are letting the left hand be bandage free over the weekend and we will see how it goes. The right hand still needs to be wrapped up but no more splint :) *Grinning ear to ear*
I looked at different stores for a workable chore/behavior chart today...*Pulling my hair out* All thou I love summer the kids have really gotten on my last nerve with all the arguing & laziness they have been displaying. I could not find a single thing I really like...So if any of you have some ideas that work for you and want to share with me I would love it :) Well I am off to attempt freezer jam..LOL never have made any jam before but I hear this is super easy. I cant wait to test the aftermath.

~Replacement check~

Well I dont know if any of you heard about the voluntary recall tylenol was doing on alot of ther childrens tylenol products that took place several months back..well i had heard about it through the grape vine via internet :) Well I went into my pantry and low and behold every product approx. 6 were involoved in the recall so I emailed the company and they emailed me back a few weeks later apologizing for the inconvience (sp) and that was it..well I was not satisfied with that at all, seeing as I had paid money for the product. So I emailed them back politely letting them know that I thought it was an even bigger inconveince that I was going to have to shell out more money to buy more product cause I had to throw away the other stuff. Well last week I received a $40.00 check in the mail for replacement of product :) **WooHoo** *jumping up & down* So it does pay off to write the companies with complaints & even compliments. I will be writing them to thank them as well. Well I am off for good to make my hubby his lunch for tomorrow. Just wanted to share that exciting news to my readers. ~goodnight~

Forster **UPDATE**

Well I know I hadn't been doing much of blogging all summer just because I really had not done a ton of Saving's shopping. However I have started again but have not kept track of any of it to share :( Sorry folks my time has well been a little pre occupied to say the least. On July 18th my 1 yr old boy touched a grill lid and burned his hands severly...2nd & 3rd degree burns on the palms so we have been going to hospitals, plastic surgeons, wound care clinic & his pediatrician for a week and half now. It was pretty scary and I have only ever felt that kind of anxiety & stress  2 other times in my life and now a third. :( I am glad to report he is doing much better and we are hoping for a complete and full recovery in 2-3 weeks. My brain has since shut down *LOL* I am in complete exhaustion mode, no amount of coffee seems to perk me up..*BUMMER*
I am so afraid to see all the bills that will be piling up shortly..already on a pretty fixed income and now medical bills. **sighing** I am exstatic that he will be healed soon just now stressing on how those bills will get paid. Any & all prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you
Well I am off to make my hubby a salmon spread for work tomorrow and some cottage cheese with bluberries :) yummy