Friday, July 30, 2010

~Replacement check~

Well I dont know if any of you heard about the voluntary recall tylenol was doing on alot of ther childrens tylenol products that took place several months back..well i had heard about it through the grape vine via internet :) Well I went into my pantry and low and behold every product approx. 6 were involoved in the recall so I emailed the company and they emailed me back a few weeks later apologizing for the inconvience (sp) and that was it..well I was not satisfied with that at all, seeing as I had paid money for the product. So I emailed them back politely letting them know that I thought it was an even bigger inconveince that I was going to have to shell out more money to buy more product cause I had to throw away the other stuff. Well last week I received a $40.00 check in the mail for replacement of product :) **WooHoo** *jumping up & down* So it does pay off to write the companies with complaints & even compliments. I will be writing them to thank them as well. Well I am off for good to make my hubby his lunch for tomorrow. Just wanted to share that exciting news to my readers. ~goodnight~

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