Friday, July 30, 2010

Forster **UPDATE**

Well I know I hadn't been doing much of blogging all summer just because I really had not done a ton of Saving's shopping. However I have started again but have not kept track of any of it to share :( Sorry folks my time has well been a little pre occupied to say the least. On July 18th my 1 yr old boy touched a grill lid and burned his hands severly...2nd & 3rd degree burns on the palms so we have been going to hospitals, plastic surgeons, wound care clinic & his pediatrician for a week and half now. It was pretty scary and I have only ever felt that kind of anxiety & stress  2 other times in my life and now a third. :( I am glad to report he is doing much better and we are hoping for a complete and full recovery in 2-3 weeks. My brain has since shut down *LOL* I am in complete exhaustion mode, no amount of coffee seems to perk me up..*BUMMER*
I am so afraid to see all the bills that will be piling up shortly..already on a pretty fixed income and now medical bills. **sighing** I am exstatic that he will be healed soon just now stressing on how those bills will get paid. Any & all prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you
Well I am off to make my hubby a salmon spread for work tomorrow and some cottage cheese with bluberries :) yummy

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  1. My husband ended up with severe acid reflux a couple of years back, which resulted in TONS of medical bills (we had to go through four specialists before we could find one that would listen to was terrible) and also a loss of income because he couldn't work for about six months (yes, he was that sick). I lost my job in the middle of it too (darn cut backs!) and we ended up living on savings that entire time.

    My advice? Just write to the hospitals and labs and everyone and just explain what is going on with your life, what you can pay and tell them that they will be paid off as soon as you can get the money up. I've always had them be very understanding and just accept the payments I can mail in (course we're also self pay, but I'm sure it'd be the same even after insurance :).

    The only hospital that I know of that will send you to collections with or without just cause is Valley Hospital and they're 3 times more expensive than Anchorage hospitals anyway.

    Good luck! That whole experience sounds terrifying. I wish you guys the best and your little guy a fast recovery!