Friday, July 30, 2010


We spent the day in town after my little man's wound care appointment. I am very happy to let everyone know that they are letting the left hand be bandage free over the weekend and we will see how it goes. The right hand still needs to be wrapped up but no more splint :) *Grinning ear to ear*
I looked at different stores for a workable chore/behavior chart today...*Pulling my hair out* All thou I love summer the kids have really gotten on my last nerve with all the arguing & laziness they have been displaying. I could not find a single thing I really like...So if any of you have some ideas that work for you and want to share with me I would love it :) Well I am off to attempt freezer jam..LOL never have made any jam before but I hear this is super easy. I cant wait to test the aftermath.


  1. your sweet little guy! my heart hurts! what a scary thing to have happen! i'm so glad he is getting better so soon! don't worry about blogging or couponing, we all need breaks once in a while to keep it fun!